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13.5x9.4mm case
669.327 MHz Clock - Optical Timing

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• Quartz SAW Stabilized and Filtered “Diff Sine” Technology
• Fundamental-Mode Oscillation at 669.327 MHz
• Voltage Tunable for Phase Lock Loop Operations
• Optical Timing Reference for Forward Error Correction Applications
Click here if you need additional technical information,
to inquire about samples or to discuss your custom needs.

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The output of this device is generated and filtered by narrow-band quartz SAW elements at 669.327 MHz. The configuration of this clock provides a pure signal for optical timing applications in noisy signal environments. The Q/Q differential output swing of ±1 volt about 0 Vdc has symmetry better than ±1% into loads from 40 to 70 ohms, determined by customer application. The long term frequency accuracy is set by an external reference source allowing this device to complete a Phase Lock Loop design without the usual noise and jitter problems associated with PLL’s.

Electrical Characteristics
Characteristic Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Operating Frequency Absolute Frequency fO 669.327 MHz
Tune Range ±100 ppm
Tune Voltage 0 +3 V
Tuning Linearity ±3 %
Tuning Sensitivity df/dv 140 300 ppm/V
Modulation Bandwidth 125 265 kHz
Q and Q Output Voltage into 50 Ohm (VSWR?1.2) VO 0.60 1.1 VP-P
Operating Load VSWR 2:1 VP-P
Symmetry 49 51 %
Harmonic Spurious -30 dBc
Nonharmonic Spurious -60 dBc
Phase Noise @100 Hz offset -75 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 1 kHz offset -105 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @ 10 k offset -125 dBc/Hz
Noise Floor -155 dBc/Hz
Q and Q Jitter RMS Jitter 2 psP-P
No Noise on VCC 12 psP-P
with 200 mVP-P noise added from 1 MHz to ½ fO 12 psP-P
Output DC Resistance (between Q & Q) 50 KOhm
DC Power Supply Operating Voltage VCC 3.13 3.3 5.0 5.25 Vdc
Operating Current ICC 70 mA
Operating Case Temperature TC -40 +85 °C

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