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2nd Generation ASH Radio PCB Gerber Files (
2nd Generation ASH Radio PCB Gerber Files (
2nd Generation ASH Radio PCB Gerber Files (
2nd Generation Ash Receiver 5V to 3V Conversion
2nd Generation ASH Transceiver 10 mW Power Amplifier Circuit Board
2nd Generation ASH Transceiver Designers Guide (English)
2nd Generation ASH Transceiver Designers Guide (Japanese Translation)
3rd-Generation ASH Transceiver Designer’s Guide
Survey of Radio Regulations for RFM Transceiver RFICs (TRC103/104/105)
TRC104 2.4 GHz Transceiver Reference Design
AN0901 Gerber Files
TRC104 2.4 GHz Transceiver PCB design and Gerber files
TRC103 950 MHz Transceiver Reference Design
AN0902 Gerber Files
TRC103 950 MHz Transceiver PCB design and Gerber files
TRC103 915 MHz Transceiver Reference Design
AN0903 Gerber Files
TRC103 915 MHz Transceiver PCB design and Gerber files
TRC105 434 MHz Transceiver Reference Design
AN0904 Gerber Files
TRC105 434 MHz Transceiver PCB design and Gerber files
TRC105 403 MHz Transceiver Reference Design
AN0905 Gerber Files
TRC105 403 MHz Transceiver PCB design and Gerber files
TRC105 315 MHz Transceiver Reference Design
TRC105 L-C RF Tuning Circuit
Recommended Reflow Profile for RFM XTC Series TCXOs
Recommended Reflow Profile for RFM SAW Resonators and SAW Filters
ZN241G & DM2200 Remote Control Mesh
Wireless Temperature Sensor
A Solar Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sizing Solar Energy Harvesters for Wireless Sensor Networks
Antenna App Note: Part I Loop Antennas
Antenna Lengths
Antennas for Low Power Applications
ASH Transceiver Antenna Impedance Matching
Assembling ASH Radio Products Onto Customers' PWBs
Capabilities & Applications of SAW Coupled-Resonator Filters (AN23)
Comparison Between OOK/ASK and FSK Modulation Techniques for Radio Links
Design and Certification of ASH Radio Systems for Japan
DM1810-DK CD
DM1810-DK Development Kit CD
DM1810-QK CD
DM1810-QK Quick Kit CD
DM2200-DK CD
DM2200-DK Development Kit CD
ESD Protection
FCC Regulations
Hand Soldering for TX, RX, and TR
High Data Rate SAW-Stabilized ASK Transmitter
Implementing a FHSS radio with the TRC103
Low Power ASK Transmitter
Reflow Soldering of SMD Products To Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) Using Lead-Free Solder
Removing the TX, RX, and TR from the PCB
RFIC Battery Life Calculator
RFIC High Power TRC101-102
RFIC TX/RX Configuration
RFM 1% Transmitter Duty Cycle Calculator
RFM Battery Life Calculator
SAW Based Transmitter Design Notes
SAW Filter PCB Layout (AN42)
Saw-Stabilized FSK Oscillator
Simple Clock & Data Recovery
Transmitter Design Notes
TRC101-102 FHSS
TRC102 Range Test at 433.92MHz
Unique Considerations for Data Radio UARTS (AN43)
Using the TR8100 in ISSS Mode
World Wide Frequency Allocations for RFM's Transceivers, Transmitters and Receivers

Case Studies                                                                                                             back to top
Automated manufacturing
Wireless IP networking brings efficiency to high-volume monogramming and embroidery.
Digital sign control
A maker of commercial electronic signs chose RFM HopNet wireless serial modems to replace costly cabling runs.
Electrical transmission substation monitoring
A major power supplier monitors extremely remote substations wirelessly.
Environmental monitoring
Scientists continuously monitor delicate coastal wetlands that can’t easily be wired.
Heavy duty automation
Wireless communications from databases to crane scales automate aluminum manufacturing.
Lighting control at major events
Lighting major outdoor events without the cost of temporary wiring runs.
Motion picture animatronics
Keeping wires from spoiling illusions in movies and amusement parks.
Nuclear power plant radiation monitoring
FHSS transmission links workers’ sensors to monitoring stations in hostile environments.
Parking control
Upgrading a parking facility to monitor space availability without cutting cable trenches.
Real-time vehicle tracking
Continuously tracking a moving vehicle with accuracy to within one meter.
Remote operation of dangerous machinery
Operating extremely dangerous chippers and cable trenchers from a safe distance.
Wireless heart monitoring
Enabling heart patients to move throughout a hospital while monitored at nurses' stations.
Poultry Farm Environment Monitoring and Control
Automated Multi-Feed Fertilizer Spreader
Commercial Remote Control with Multiple Inputs and Outputs
Industrial Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alarm System
Outdoor Signage
Irrigation Monitoring System
High Speed Railway Crossing Gate Closing System
Remote Tank Farm Monitoring
Commercial Remote Control with Multiple Inputs and Outputs
Building Automation and Control
Industrial Equipment Monitoring System
Remote Street Lighting Management

White Papers                                                                                                             back to top
Advances in SAW Technology (LPRA Presentation)
Design of Wide Band SAW Coupled Resonator Filters on Quartz
R-SPUDT Filters Based on Different Width Split Fingers
Saw-Based Hybrid Transceivers in Slam Packaging (AN41)
Wide Bandwidth Low Cost SAW Notch Filters
Wireless Communications for Industrial Applications
This paper examines the unique requirements and challenges of wireless communications in an industrial setting and provides an overview of RFM wireless products designed specifically for these applications. The information presented serves as a guide for systems integrators and end users responsible for factory floor automation, industrial/PLC control, SCADA, telemetry and related data communications applications. (~ 136 KB, Adobe PDF format.)
Wireless Transceivers—Make or Buy?
In choosing to add wireless data capability to a new or existing product, every designer faces a critical decision: whether to engineer the functionality in-house or buy a ready-made module for the application. This paper provides a cost analysis to explore the relative merits of each approach. (~ 160 KB, Adobe PDF format)

Software                                                                                                             back to top
2nd Generation ASH Design Assistance Software (Version 2.5.4)
2nd Generation ASH Transceiver Software Designer's Guide (Updated, Faster Software)
RFIC Design Assistance: RFDA Software Datasheet
RFIC Design Assistance: RFDA Software zip file 60MB
RX Software Uart Example
Virtual Wire® Development Kits & Software