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ESC Silicon Valley Press Kit - Visit RFM in booth #940

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RF Modules & Energy Harvesting RFIC Design Assistant Xtal Showcase

Energy Harvesting Demonstration for RF Radio Modules for Embedded Wireless Sensor and M2M Applications. RF modules expert Tim Cutler, Director of M2M Business for RFM, performing live demonstrations of energy harvesting for the RFM RF modules.
  • Learn how solar power energy harvesting provides continuous power for the operation of RFM’s low-power modules for wireless sensor applications.
  • Receive free whitepaper detailing the design considerations and the design itself.
  • Click on “Talk to the Experts” tab above to learn more about Tim Cutler
White Papers
A Solar Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Networks

Sizing Solar Energy Harvesters for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Hands-On Design Assistant Software Demonstration for RFIC Short-Range Radios. RF design expert Bob Nelson, RFM field applications engineer, conducting live hands-on demonstrations of the RFM RFIC Design Assistant software.

  • How design engineers utilize the Design Assistant to rapidly prototype RF connections in their OEM products using RFM RFIC short-range radio transceivers.
  • Download RFIC Design Assistant Manual.
  • Click on the “Talk to the Experts” tab above to learn more about Bob Nelson
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RF Xtal Showcase for Embedded M2M Telematic Applications. RF design expert Bob Nelson, RFM field applications engineer, showcasing newest Xtal components for embedding into emerging M2M telematic applications.

  • What are key considerations for choosing the optimal Xtal product
  • Pickup free Xtal Selector Guide will be available at the booth.
  • Click on the “Talk to the Experts” tab above to learn more about Bob Nelson
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Three RFM executives will be onsite at the RFM exhibit located in booth #940 at ESC Silicon Valley. See their brief bio and subject matter expertise below.
Farlin Halsey
SVP Marketing & M2M Business
Tim Cutler
Director M2M Business
Bob Nelson
Field Applications Engineer

Farln Halsey. Possessing over 20 years in high tech business development and marketing, Farlin leads all of RFM’s marketing and heads up the company’s M2M business development initiatives. Farlin joined RFM in May 2008. Prior to joining RFM, from June 2002 until May 2008, Farlin was Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Alliances as well as Vice President, Marketing for NovAtel Incorporated, an OEM GPS / GNSS provider. Prior to 2002, Farlin served in a number of senior marketing and sales roles in the mobile server, geographical database and optoelectronic industries. Farlin holds a Bachelor's degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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Tim Cutler. Since 1998, Tim has provided technical sales and marketing expertise that has resulted in RFM possessing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of RF modules and boxed radio products in the market.

Tim’s credentials include: Tim has significant experience in business-to-business technology marketing, having spent 15 years in senior marketing positions at several high technology companies. Tim was instrumental in growing Cirronet (acquired by RFM in 2006) into the leading provider of high quality, robust, high performance license-free wireless modules, gateways, and modems. During his tenure at Cirronet and RFM, Tim has been actively involved in both the ZigBee Alliance and the ISA on wireless sensing standards activities. Tim is an accomplished author and presenter having written and presented on a wide array of wireless topics. Tim received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also earned a master's degree in business administration from Georgia State University. Tim holds two patents for microprocessor-based design awarded during his seven-year tenure as a digital design engineer.

Tim’s key areas of subject matter expertise include:

  • License-free radio technology ZigBee/802.15.4 IEEE 802.11/WiFi
  • Industrial application of wireless technology
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • IP Networking
  • Low power wireless technologies
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
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Bob Nelson. With over 25 years RF engineering and design experience, Bob assists OEM design engineers in applying RFM RF technologies into their embedded designs. Using his front-line experience helping customers design-in RF short-range radios, he is integral in the on-going development of Design Assistant software for the RFM’s short-range radio product line.

Bob’s credentials include:

  • Co-founder of Zigbee (one of 5, spring of 98)
  • Co-Chair HomeRF-Lite Technical Working Group (Now ZigBee)
  • Cosignee of 2 patents (patent pending)
  • Consultant to MIT/NASSA for radio data link for the Spheres project now flying on the ISS
  • Created FHSS code for RFIC’s; Demo boards for RFIC’s; DLLs for MiniMesh™; Demos for Mesh Networking; Clock Recovery and Start Bit Detection IC

Bob’s key areas of subject matter expertise includes:
  • Assisting Customers in design and implementation using RFM’s complete line of Low Power Transceivers, and other products
  • Technical Training for Reps and Distributors
  • DSP Firmware: Data, Voice and Control Interface;
  • 803X Digital Telephony control and Data; Z8 Digital Telephony and Data
  • Hardware Design FPGA, digital/analog
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What is the role of social media in the embedded design marketplace?

Who’s actually tweeting, friending, and linking in?

How will RFM utilize / leverage social media?

These are just a few of the questions RFM is attempting to answer in its “RF Community” social media discovery project conducted in conjunction with Putman Media. You should follow us on twitter to see how things are going or join conversations that are just beginning to take place.

Check in with Farlin Halsey at the ESC or send him a tweet @fahalsey to hear what we’ve learned so far, or contact Sissy Toney, Director of Marketing Communications for a debrief.

In the meantime see below to check out the recent tweets on

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